You are appreciated

TLDR: I hate ads, and I hate micro-transactions, so I made the game free. If you would like to donate to my Buy Me A Coffee account to help support me in my goals of creating quality content without using these revenue methods, I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂 Here’s the link

Buy Me A Coffee

Your donations will help me create better content for TheFastLane as well as hopefully some other pretty neat projects I’m working on and also help me buy food. I’m actually hungry right now while I’m typing this.

Here’s a fun story:

In 2020 I decided I wanted to fulfill my dreams of becoming a Software Developer. Specifically, I wanted to make games. I spent the year pouring into any resources I could find to help me learn how, and after 8 months, I created my first app, TheFastLane. The first version was admittedly, INCREDIBLY simple. My knowledge of coding was very basic. Still, I persisted in my endeavors. And here

To date, TheFastLane has over 1.5k downloads, which to me is absolutely incredible (yeah I know it’s nothing compared to some studios but I’m still happy). I’ve received a lot of feedback and thoughts from you all, and I appreciate every one of you.

Thank you!